Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BDay Snowboarding at Winterpark!

Here's some vid of John's Colorado visit, with Brett, Jamie and I:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Even democrats are realizing it now...

This is now going beyond enjoyable political debate.

Previously pro-Obama, lifelong democrats, like Jim Cramer below, are realizing that Obama's radically anti-capitalism, anti-profit, anti-wealth, anti-growth, big govt policies are already severely hurting our economy:

You CANNOT punish success (raising corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, estate taxes, etc) and reward failure (bailouts, $1000 tax credits to those who already pay NOTHING, mortgage reduction programs, etc) and not expect the balance to shift from success to failure.

And what else can we expect when we have a president that believes (and is implementing policies that reflect) that "now is not the time for profits":

And if you believe that the stimulus money is really all for stimulus, as Obama promised (with "no earmarks"), you may wanna study up (digital TV conversion coupons, little league parking improvements in Puerto Rico, etc). Added to which, his latest budget has us operating at a $1.7 TRILLION deficit. Which includes another $800B in bailout money, as well as $600B for nationalized healthcare THAT HASN'T BEEN EVEN INTRODUCED AS LEGISLATION, much less voted on, yet.

It all makes the high $600B cost of the Iraq war start looking smaller.

Whatever you don't lose in the stock market or home equity is at risk of being inflated away by our de-valued dollar from this insane big govt spending.

I don't know about you, but this is turning seriously scary for me.... unless we can get this man to start considering the value of free market capitalism in our economy. It's time to make your voices heard, or we're gonna seriously mess up the future of our country.