Monday, March 1, 2010

Cassidy and Max are growin' up!

I haven't blogged in awhile... but we had a big event over the past couple weeks...
That all started with the traditional breakfast in bed:
Then continued at a local Japanese Tempanyaki place. AI Sushi table side cooking complete with onion volcano pyrotechnics!

On Sunday, Max and Cass set a new record for 'family in attendance' at their primary graduation / priesthood ordination / young women transition. It was very cool. Bummer mom and dad Ogden couldn't be there, but we will make up for it when we party with them in England in THREE WEEKS.

Many special gifts (including a grandpa refinished hope chest family heirloom for Cassidy, that can be seen to the left, filled with meaningful and sentimental gifts from generations of great-example-setting women in our family)...

...and as you can see, we have a couple of happy little tweens: